BBA, MBA, MCA Semester Wise Syllabus

Published: 09th February 2010
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Now pursuing the higher education is not only mean to apply for the good job but also it becomes the matter of status in the society. Even business persons are highly qualified as compared to people in the job sector. After analyzing all this almost every university in India updates their courses, syllabus, admission criteria, boarding system etc on the regular basis. This is because none of the university wants to loose students from different states as well as from different countries. There are many types of universities in India who are in the attention to follow syllabus, course contents, classes and boarding system as per the international standard.

Like Delhi University is one of the government approved universities that offer quality education of types of degree courses but having limited number of seats. There are many government universities and colleges offering top class education in various themes but admission to those universities and colleges in an easy job. For that one have to spend atleast 15 to 18 hrs in study and have to give his or her full efforts to score high percentile in entrance exams. Apart from government universities and colleges there are many types of universities in India which are held within private sector. Like Singhania University, IIMT, Amity, Rai University, Simbiosis and many more universities arte there that are providing different types of management and technology degree courses with latest syllabus and course materials.

If we talk about education in Rajasthan, there are many schools, colleges and universities which have gain excellence in providing higher education of international standard. Like Singhania University, played a vital role in promoting higher education in Rajasthan. It offers many types of bachelors, masters and Ph.d courses like,, LLB, B.ed, bba, mba, M.Phil and it also offers types of diploma courses like in nursing, dental sciences, pharmacy, physiotherapy, health science and lots more.

If we talk about syllabus and course content then Singhania University offers latest course menu and updated syllabus like in bba syllabus it consists six semester in which it covers business communication, Business Economics, Production planning & control, Principal of Management, Marketing Management and lots more and in mba syllabus it consists four semesters and updated topic are Business Research Methodology, Industrial & Management Relations, Management Concepts & Organizational Behavior, Compensation Management and lots more. Besides these, Singhania University is cover technology courses with updated course content like in mca syllabus it comprises six semester with latest course menu like mathematic foundations of computer sciences, computer organization, system analysis and design, operating systems, object oriented programming, relational database system and lots more. All these above topics are not fully covered here for that you can visit to website of Singhania University from where you can get full course content with different themes.

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